A Look Back on 2021

By Gabrielle Whelan

We’ve come to expect more from our products since the pandemic hit. We want them to be smarter, enable us to take charge of our health, and help us achieve work-life balance, even while working from home. This was a busy year for Whipsaw. Our designs responded to the world’s ongoing needs for medical and scientific innovations and products that make our homes and lives more efficient.

In 2021, we also found new ways to connect with our community. Notably, we launched our podcast, PRISM, hosted by Whipsaw CEO, Founder, and Principal Designer Dan Harden. PRISM was created to illuminate issues affecting the design community and the world at large. We also shed light on a variety of the year’s biggest topics through engaging blog posts, virtual panel discussions, and international exhibitions. We were honored to wrap the year with 48 design awards, including IDEA, IDA, and Red Dot.


Blumio Blood Pressure Monitor

We harnessed Blumio’s technology which uses small radar sensors to produce instant blood pressure readings into a comfortable, reliable, and durable medical wearable.

Martian Home Cleaning Robot

Martian is a one-armed cleaning robot on wheels that reaches high and low to clean showers, tubs, sinks, floors, and countertops.

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Miroculus Miro Canvas Lab Equipment

Miro Canvas is a microfluidics platform that allows researchers to be more productive through its unique fluid sample transport system.

Tile Tracker Line

Tile’s new line of tracking devices now boasts increased finding power and an elegant redesign.

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TP-Link Deco Series

Deco is a family of five high-performance mesh wifi products that feature subtle metaphorical symbols to suggest speed, range, and purpose.

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WDL Washing Machine

This postmodern washing machine concept challenges every convention of what a washing machine is.

Aristocrat Neptune

Neptune is a futuristic slot machine that offers deep immersion in sight, sound, and space. It is now the hottest gaming machine in the market.

Museum Exhibitions

The European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy

The ECC’s 2021 “Time, Space, Existence” exhibition featured several of our designs which were used in unexpected ways during the pandemic. More than 450,000 people experienced our exhibit, both virtually and in-person.

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

The Whipsaw-designed Google Trekker was featured in the V&A’s new gallery “Design 1900—Now,” which explores Design’s pivotal role in shaping the biggest issues of our times.


Prism Podcast

We launched our own Design podcast in 2021, Prism, hosted by Dan Harden. In Season One, we had the privilege of interviewing CEOs, academics, authors, founders, and futurists on the past, present, and future of Design.

America By Design

Dan Harden served as a judge on the primetime TV series, America By Design. Our own Skrolla chair was also featured on the show.

Wild Business Growth

In this episode of the popular “Wild Business Growth” podcast, Dan Harden shared wisdom from his own career journey. He touched on topics including finding a product’s ‘It factor,’ using biomimicry in design, and collaborating with Steve Jobs.


Designing the Path to Funding

Cara Delzer, founder and CEO of the startup Moxxly, and Brady Forrest, head of Business Development for MobileCoin and founder of Highway1, shared how to turn an original idea into a scalable market hit in this virtual event moderated by Dan Harden.

Finding Design Nirvana

Caroline Flagiello, founder and CEO of Akin, and Fred Bould, design director at Bould Design, examined how to make the most of our realigned values, the work-life blur, and virtual creative collaborations in this virtual event moderated by Dan Harden.

Thought Pieces

Domestic Robots Are a New Frontier for Industrial Designers

Yanko Design interviewed Dan Harden on our eclectic robot designs and what the future holds for this space. 

Q&A: Whipsaw, Wearables and Pandemic Changes

Med-Tech Innovation News interviewed Dan Harden and Director of Industrial Design Cole Derby on designing medical wearables for an evolving market.

Interview with Dan Harden, Founder and CEO Of Whipsaw

RoboticsBiz interviewed Dan Harden on the nuances of designing household robots and the opportunities for industrial designers in this niche market.

What Is the Future of the Design Studio?

Innovation Magazine included Dan Harden in its roundup of perspectives on what the design studio will look like post-Covid.

Fix Your Portfolio in 5 Steps

Director of Industrial Design Cole Derby gave his top tips on taking your portfolio to the next level.

Tonal Coaches on the Rise of the Virtual Workout Influencer

Popular Tonal coaches revealed how connected fitness kept people physically and mentally fit in a pandemic.

In Defense of Design Generalism

Whipsaw Senior Industrial Designer Natalie Rowan took readers through her winding design career in this defense of generalism.

Superhuman by Design: A Conversation with Donald Burlock

Author and Designer Donald Burlock offered advice on how to harness creativity, find your value, and positively impact your community. 



Bizzy and Martian Robots, Silver

Uber Beacon, Silver

Koniku Konikore, Bronze

Red Dot

Glint Hero

TCL Zoom

Google Trekker

KODA Robot Dog

TP-Link DECO V20

TP-Link DECO X80 5G

TP-Link DECO X20 4G


KODA Robot Dog

Omnicell Syringe Dispenser

TCL Zoom

WDL Washing Machine


Glint Hero Luminaire

KODA Robot Dog

TP-Link DECO Series


Bear Robotics Servi, Gold

Cisco Meraki MV Line, Gold

Glint Hero, Silver

Google Trekker, Silver

Koniku Konikore, Silver

Uber Beacon, Silver

Ventir Modular Backpack, Bronze

Good Design Australia

Google Trekker

Koniku Konikore

Chicago Athenaeum Good Design

ARC Chair 

Atoms Shoes Packaging 

Bizzy Robot

Martian Robot 

KODA Robot Dog 

Koniku Konikore 

Omnicell Syringe Dispenser 

TCL Zoom

TP-Link Deco Series

Empatica EmbracePlus

Hisense Projectors

TIME’s “100 Best Inventions of 2021” List

Tonal Strength Training System

Design for Asia Award

KODA Robot Dog

Fast Company‘s” Innovation by Design Awards” Honoree

Koniku Konikore