Dan Harden to Speak at IDSA’s Medical Design Deep Dive

On November 12th, Whipsaw CEO Dan Harden will participate in a virtual fireside chat at the IDSA’s annual Medical Design Deep Dive (MDDD), along with Tor Alden and Sean Hägen. These industry leaders will examine “The State of ID Consultancies in the Wake of a Pandemic.”


This particular roundtable will focus on how consultancies must respond to their new set of pandemic-related challenges. The panelists will discuss how design can solve critical societal issues while keeping us connected during this global health crisis. They will specifically analyze: 

  • Pandemic-related design research and ideation
  • Strategies for physically testing products in this new virtual era
  • Methods for balancing business productivity with the welfare of your team
  • Ways to overcome homelife stress and increase work efficiency
  • Solutions to employ if clients put a project on hold or change its scope
  • Workarounds for conducting global design research without traveling


The Medical Design Deep Dive seeks to build vital connections and spark conversations both inside and outside of the medical design industry and is geared towards professionals at every level.



Date and Time

Thursday, November 12th

11:40am PDT



Dan Harden Whipsaw CEO, Founder, and Principal Designer

Sean Hägen Principal, Founder, and Director of Research & Synthesis at BlackHägen Design

Tor Alden Principal at HS Design





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