Design Panel: Ease of use is a good thing, right? Not necessarily.

Ease of use has always been a primary design ambition, but what is the right level of ease of use so that our product interactions remain meaningful? We want products and experiences to be easy, but in the process we often lose a sense of deeper engagement and the satisfaction that comes from ritualistic procedures that are more complex, tactile and sensory. 

Our distinguished panel will critically examine this age-old notion that design should always be easy to use. Panelists include Barry Katz, IDEO fellow, author and professor of design at CCA and Stanford; Fred Bould, president of Bould Design; and Caroline Flagiello, founder of Akin. Moderated by Dan Harden, CEO and Principal Designer at Whipsaw.


Date and Time:
Postponed (TBD)


Fred Bould
Caroline Flagiello
Barry Katz


Dan Harden


Whipsaw San Francisco
81 Lafayette St.
San Francisco, CA 94103