Finding Design Nirvana: Our Response to a Pandemic and Where We Should Go from Here

The pandemic is nearly behind us and we’re all ready to move forward. But how do we take the lessons we’ve learned from this experience and turn them into a new era of design?

Join a virtual discussion between Caroline Flagiello, Founder and CEO of Akin, and Fred Bould, Founder and Design Director of Bould Design, moderated by Whipsaw CEO and Principal Designer Dan Harden.

The panel will dissect how we can make the most of our newly realigned values, the work-life blur, and virtual creative collaborations. They will also analyze ways to implement the new design thinking that’s emerged which values experiences, quality of life, and purpose.

This is an event that visualizes the ideal future of design and determines the roadmap needed to get there.


Date and Time

Wednesday, July 28th
5:00pm – 6:00pm PST


Dan Harden, Whipsaw
Caroline Flagiello, Akin

Fred Bould, Bould Design


Virtual (Zoom)