Weird Sh#t: The Strangest Ideas Fuel Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is famous for inventing the world we live in, and much of what is created here by designers and technologists is downright weird. From self-driving cars to millions of songs in your pocket, ideas generated here are weirdly outrageous. Outrageous ideas have the power to radically change our thinking; forge or disrupt markets, and even alter our culture.

Designers are at the front end of the creative process where the weirdness starts to twitch. Try crazy combinations; get out of your own head; exploit your idiosyncrasies; explore the unknown; try making the familiar unfamiliar. Do whatever necessary to breakthrough. An idea that seems really weird at first can eventually become the norm because it’s outrageously good.

At this event, several notable designers and technologists will reveal and discuss their weirdest sh#t.


Date and Time:
Thursday, June 27th


Whipsaw SF
81 Lafayette St.
San Francisco, CA 94103