Mickey Makay

Principal Engineer

Mickey is always eager to solve the most difficult mechanical problems. This passion and ability to solve tough problems makes him an invaluable resource to clients. His quick wit aims to expose engineering truths. Mickey has provided an essential role on many challenging engineering projects here at Whipsaw including the Nike FuelBand, Luminous glucose machine, Avinger vascular surgery device, Cisco TelePresence, Merck Millipore cell analyzer, Bowers & Wilkins audio products and more. He is building a formidable patent portfolio.

Before joining Whipsaw in 2008 Mickey worked at Navstar and Samsung. He has a BSME from the University of Kansas and a degree in journalism from SMU, Dallas. A wildlife photographer in his free time, Mickey has roamed around Antarctica, scuba dove throughout Indonesia, and even tracked gorillas in Rwanda.

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