2018: A Year in Review

January 8, 2019
With 2019 well under way, we want to take a moment to reflect on all that we have done in the past year. The Whipsaw team of designers, strategists and engineers have helped our clients solve their most critical product challenges and have helped them bring their ideas to life. Included here are 14 projects released in the past year.


1. Aeolus Robotics – Home Robot

The Aeolus robot is equipped to perform common household tasks. The design solution is highlighted by its approachable form factor and interchangeable arms that allow the robot to vacuum, mop, put away dishes, move furniture and much more. This robot was initially released at CES 2018 and is currently available in limited release.


2. Aristocrat – Gaming Machines

Aristocrat Gaming Machines - Whipsaw

Whipsaw has provided a long-term design strategy for Aristocrat including research, development, finish and lighting effects, comfortable human factors, and sensible manufacturing strategies. Our objective is to create sophisticated and elegant designs that are exciting and emotional for the gaming audience. More details


3. Chrono Therapeutics – Smoking Cessation Wearable

Chrono Therapeutics takes an integrated approach to battling nicotine addiction, offering an app-enabled low-profile wearable device that provides daily transdermal nicotine doses, at regulated intervals and reductions… before addiction cravings set in.  When the wearable device is not enough support, its “wearable button” and connected mobile app, allow the users to signal for additional emotional support and also track their progress toward a healthier lifestyle.


4. Cisco Meraki – Security Camera

Cisco Meraki security camera line captures their brand with a cohesive family design language. We provided a friendly and elegant look instead of the conventional ceiling camera blob commonly seen in establishments. The result looks like an upside down bowl with a big scoop of melting ice cream.


5. Geometrics – Geophysical Instrument

The Geometrics MagArrow is a drone mounted Magnetometer for lightweight geological surveying. At 1m in length, a lightweight design was critical and led to the development of an ultra-light carbon fiber housing measuring less than 1mm thick. The MagArrow also features a hyper-reflective micron glass bead paint finish for maximum visibility.


6. Josh – Micro Home Controller

Good Design Awards - Whipsaw Product Design and Innovation Consulting

Josh Micro is a premium voice-command home controller. Users simply ask it to play a favorite song, dim the lights, raise the shades, adjust the room climate, or set all with a tap or voice request. Each Josh Micro is a complete standalone solution incorporating a processor and all sensors so it’s easily scalable to multiple rooms, and it’s compatible with existing home automation systems. More details


7. nVent – Industrial Electronics Design Language

nVent is high-performance electrical company with established brands such as Erico, Hoffman, and Raychem.  Whipsaw collaborated with nVent to create and define a visual brand language and design guidelines for all current and future products. Using this design language, Whipsaw has begun to redesign many nVent products, bringing design, human factors, and innovation to a highly commercial market, making nVent an industry trailblazer.


8. Shape Technologies – Ultra-High Pressure Pump

Shape Technologies is a global leader in high-pressure water jet technology.  Whipsaw worked with Shape Technologies to design and engineer a new line of UHP Water Pumps for sub-brands KMT and Flow Corp.  These pumps are the engine for high-pressure water jet cutting. Whipsaw’s solution shows how the power of design can bring these large industrial devices to life, and make customers proud to display and use their equipment on a daily basis.


9. Openpath – Smart Door Readers

The Openpath door reader leverages industry leading security combined with an elegant design for a user-friendly and convenient solution. The reader supports multiple entry methods including Bluetooth, Smart Watch, and Key Card. When a verified user approaches, the reader transitions from showing a solid dot to an open circle – a refined and effective entry animation. More details


10. Penumbra – Thrombectomy System

The Penumbra System is used to remove clots (thrombectomy) by vacuum aspiration. It is intended for use in the re-vascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to intracranial large vessel occlusions.


11. Tascent – MX Mobile Identification Scanner

The MX is a mobile biometric security device for border and public management applications. It attaches to iPhone and Android smartphones and offers advanced iris and fingerprint scanning in the palm of your hand.


12. Tile – Mate & Pro Personal Object Trackers

Tile Pro Tracker - Whipsaw Industrial Design and EngineeringTile Mate and Pro trackers feature an improved stainless steel chassis, better range, and for the first time, a replaceable battery. Whipsaw refined Tile’s iconic design language by improving details, proportions, and functionality of these trackers. More details


13. Tonal – Strength Training System

Tonal Strength Training System - Whipsaw Industrial Design and Engineering

Tonal is the first ever digital weight strength training system with interactive video workouts – powered by machine learning. Tonal is like having a personal trainer and an entire gym in your home. It is a compact, wall-mounted unit that combines sleek hardware with on-demand personalized coaching. More details


14. TP Link – Kasa Security Camera

TP Link Security Camera - Whipsaw

Kasa is a residential outdoor security camera. It mounts to any exterior wall, ceiling overhang or horizontal surface. Kasa records constantly, offering comprehensive video capture and playback. What makes the Kasa camera innovative is its unique ball and ring-socket adjustability. More details