Australia By Design: Innovation

September 4, 2019

The television series Australia By Design spotlights the country’s most electrifying designs in the disciplines of Architecture, Innovations, Landscapes & Gardens and Interiors. The show is hosted by TV personality and designer Jamie Durie, and dissects the ins and outs of the design process and what makes some fall short while others go on to disrupt industries.

In the show’s third season, Whipsaw CEO and Principal Designer Dan Harden serves as an international judge and personality for the eight-part series Australia By Design: Innovations. Unlike other aspects of design, the Innovation series examines the creativity and ingenuity behind what it takes to get a product to market and make a global splash in the process. 

Throughout the series, the judging panel evaluated 84 cutting-edge designs—including Whipsaw’s very own Tonal Strength Training System. Of the 84 submissions only one can be chosen as Australia’s Top Innovation of 2019. Australia By Design: Innovations airs Sundays on Channel 10 (Aus) beginning September 8, 2019.

“I had a blast analyzing and commenting on the submissions this year ranging from baby strollers to surgical devices to crane-load steering systems. I was delighted to witness the breadth and quality of Australian innovation. Sheer human ingenuity and the story behind each creation is celebrated in this show, which makes for a great story.” said Dan.