Introducing VIVY Pain Therapy Device

October 2, 2016

Say goodbye to pain and reclaim your life with VIVY, a new generation wearable for pain relief and increased joint mobility. Designed by Whipsaw, VIVY launched its IndieGoGo campaign on February 29, 2016. VIVY is the first consumer product of its kind to utilize diathermy for deep tissue heating. Diathermy generates gradual deep penetrating heat that is capable of accelerating the healing process when applied to body tissue. This solution is in the form of a consumer wearable, which is a game changer for the pain management industry. These kinds of products were previously available only through licensed medical providers.

“Although VIVY is a serious medical product built on superior and safe technology, moving pain therapy from a professional setting to the home begs for a smart consumer product that easily adapts to a person’s lifestyle. Its sleek white fabric, orange edge trim, and downright simple user interface are cool enough to make one proud to wear it. With VIVY, good design is eliminating the stigma of pain therapy,” said Whipsaw’s Dan Harden and Cole Derby, designers of VIVY.

With simple controls, VIVY is a breeze to use. Simply wrap the garment snugly around the affected area of pain such as one’s knee, and start the session. VIVY will let you know when the session is over so you can get back to what’s most important to you. In addition to pain relief and faster healing, VIVY’s deep heat can help keep soft tissue and muscles flexible, which leads to improved mobility. A session with VIVY before the gym can jump-start cold and tense muscles. VIVY was designed with portability in mind so you can take it with you to the office, gym, and on that weekend getaway. VIVY’s power comes from rechargeable batteries, which free you from being tethered to an AC outlet.

VIVY will also make pain management smarter, easier, and more convenient through a companion smartphone app that can schedule treatments, track results after each therapy session, and provide helpful information and tips.

“Our goal with VIVY is to make the therapeutic warming benefits of diathermy accessible to consumers in a safe, ultra-portable and wearable product for people who suffer from chronic pain or sports injuries,” said Michael Thomas, CEO of ReGear Life Sciences LLC.