Med-Tech Innovation News Interviews Dan Harden and Cole Derby

September 17, 2021
By Gabrielle Whelan

Med-Tech Innovation News, serving the UK & Ireland MedTech sector, recently interviewed Whipsaw about the present and future state of the wearables sector. Whipsaw CEO and Principal Designer Dan Harden and Director of Industrial Design Cole Derby shed light on process of designing wearables, the pandemic’s impact on this market, and the move towards continuous remote monitoring. They also touched on several of our wearable innovations, including:

The Blumio BP Sensor, a reimagined blood pressure monitoring system that merges radical technology with a wrist-worn sticker designed to disappear.

The Rodin Scientific Ring, is a subtle ring that evaluates hydration and tracks daily activity, heart rate, and sleep quality. It offers stigma-free monitoring for patients with cardiovascular conditions.


The Empatica Embrace Plus, a medical smartwatch in an ultra-low profile design, uses advanced sensors and custom algorithms to remotely collect physiological data and monitor health conditions, from respiratory infections to chronic stress.





“Wearables can simply do more, for more specific problems. I expect this trend toward precision medicine to continue influencing future wearable development.”—Dan Harden



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