Whipsaw Exhibits at the 2019 Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair

November 12, 2019

Whipsaw exhibited at the SZIDF 2019 (Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair), the largest convention in the world that’s focused solely on ID.  Over 200,000 people attended and 302 international companies exhibited there. Whipsaw’s CEO Dan Harden was one of the keynote speakers. He spoke about how to design strong connections between objects and users, brands and target consumers, technology and pleasing usability – by first understanding the psychology of perception.

Dan was also one of the jury members for “The Great One”, a design award associated with SZIDF. Co-jurors included Ralph Weigmann, Director of iF International; Paul Priestman of design firm PriestmanGoode; Jun Katsunuma, former Sony Product Design Director; Liu Guanzhong, professor Tsinghua University; and David Sung, Dean of the College of Design at Taipei Tech.

“SZIDF was rewarding on many levels, especially the cross-cultural networking and learning. China’s interest in Industrial Design just keeps growing and we were glad to be there to further encourage that interest,” said Dan.

“We designed a wedge-shaped booth to express our brand which is sharp, exciting and unique. It featured hundreds of portfolio images displayed on a giant LED wall, interactive products and bright lighting. It really stood out among a sea of boxy exhibits,” said Wei Gu, Senior Designer and Account Manager, China at Whipsaw.