Whipsaw Recognized with 4 Good Design Awards

December 19, 2018

Whipsaw was recognized with four Good Design Awards for Josh, Ceribell EEG, Gatan Electron Microscopic Cameras, and Aristocrat Product Line presented by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. This prestigious honor is given to the most innovative and cutting edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.


Good Design Awards - Whipsaw Product Design and Innovation Consulting

Josh Micro

The Josh Micro is a premium voice-command home controller. Each Josh Micro is a complete standalone solution incorporating a processor and all sensors so it’s easily scalable to multiple rooms, and it’s compatible with existing home automation systems.
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Good Design Award - Whipsaw Product Design

Ceribell EEG

Ceribell EEG is a portable electroencephalogram for hospitals to quickly diagnose and treat brain seizures. The Ceribell EEG is small, portable and easy to set up, making it infinitely more useful in a hectic hospital setting. The system contains a headband and a control unit.  The control unit has an audio function known as a “brain stethoscope” that turns brainwave signals into sounds so nurses can immediately hear if a seizure is occurring, many of which are unconscious with no visible symptoms.
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Whipsaw Product Design Good Design

Gatan Electron Microscope Cameras

The Gatan Electron Microscope Cameras, OneView and Rio, are electron microscope cameras. The cameras mount to the side of any electron microscope. Cameras capture the sample image and magnify it down to 9 micrometers at more than 4K resolution. They are highly precise with incomparable speed and sensitivity.
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Aristocrat Product Line

Each Aristocrat Product Line fills a market niche. Gaming machines range from entry-level to deluxe large-game format, and each currently leads their category.
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