Whipsaw Opens Second Studio in San Francisco

October 14, 2017

Whipsaw is thrilled to announce the opening of a second office located in the heart of San Francisco in the vibrant SOMA district.

The building was a ball bearing and gear-making factory built in 1946 and looks the same now as it did back then. It’s an all steel industrial building that features thirty-five feet ceilings, huge factory windows that admit tons of light, and a big gantry on the ceiling that was originally used to hoist a liquid steel cauldron. In its renovation we retained all the authenticity of the original factory. The soaring height, exposed steel beams, and natural daylight make the studio feel like an industrial cathedral. It’s the perfect environment to foster creative inspiration.



With this new office Whipsaw “bookends the Silicon Valley” with the original studio down south in San Jose and the new one up north in San Francisco. It makes it very convenient for clients and employees alike. San Jose has a rich history of technology, is home to many important corporations, and it’s a good place to do business. San Francisco adds culture, lifestyle, community, and more opportunities to help the exciting startups that thrive there.

The two studios will be seamless to our clients. In the spirit of true collaboration, Whipsaw staff members have seats in both studios and will move between the two locations depending on project and client need.

Although less than half of Whipsaw’s business is local to the Bay Area, these twin studios in the heart of America’s economic engine give all of our clients’ instant access to technology development know-how, trend setting design, and an exciting place to visit.