Whipsaw Takes 1st and 2nd Place at Spark Awards

July 22, 2015

Whipsaw was excited to learn that 4 of their recent product designs were awarded by the 2015 Spark jury, including the honor of both 1st AND 2nd place out of 37 winners! Reserved only for true world-changing designs, the highly coveted “Spark!” (above Gold category) was given to 5 design entries this year and Whipsaw received the top 2 out of these 5 highest awards. Spark! went to the HUBB Oil Filter and the Leitz Icon Label Cartridges. The Whipsaw team also won 2 additional Bronze Awards for the Mimosa C5i gateway-to-the-home and the Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System.

“Whipsaw is proving that designs can be both sustainable and efficient,” said Spark President, Peter Kuchnicki in reference to Whipsaw’s top winning entries. “They can even be beautiful—who’s ever seen a lovelier oil filter!”

Zurich designer and 2015 jury member Beat Karrer shared the following about Whipsaw’s top 2:
“Hubb is perfectly engineered and manufactured and therefore simple to handle and clean. This oil filter is such a beautiful piece that you want to keep it standing on your desk instead of have it sitting on the engine of your car – and the cars you’ll be owning for the next 50 years. A meaningful beauty and an absolutely sparking winner.”

“With the Leitz cartridge Whipsaw manages to bring together what belongs together: Recycled materials and printer cartridges. The result is a smart implementation of two different, sustainable materials and their appropriate manufacture into one piece of a new generation of cartridges – without any compromise on design or handling at all.”

Spark is unique among design competitions because it is multi-disciplinary, reflecting the modern fact that most designers work collaboratively across disciplines. Spark sees technology as a great enabling tool that is helping all of society to be more creative, productive and innovative, and recognizes design that supports this view. Spark is also “aspirational,” believing that design is a process for improving our life and the planet by making significant, positive changes in the world.