PRISM: Leave All Assumptions Behind – Designing for Diverse Cultures with Lorraine Justice

Designers are often trapped in their own design thinking principles. Cross-Cultural Design provides a guideline that all designers can embody in their work to address this feeling. Dan Harden and guest Lorraine Justice, Design Researcher, Speaker, Author, and Educator, touch on the importance of considering diverse cultures in their work.


About our guest

Dr. Lorraine Justice is an internationally known designer, TED speaker, and author. She specializes in helping leaders and teams responsible for complex development initiatives maximize their likelihood of success. Having lived seven years in China, she is a leading expert in east-west design, innovation, and design research practices, she was one of the first to tell the story of design in China. Her book China’s Design Revolution (MIT Press, 2012) earned high praise and led to keynotes around the world.