Eton Boost Turbine

Over seven billion mobile phones exist in the world today, and every one of them needs daily recharging, but often power is nonexistent or only intermittently available. Boost Turbine is a back-up battery with hand crank turbine to charge phones on the spot, without relying on the grid. It’s good for everyday use or in an emergency situation when you need to charge up instantly to make a call or text. The iconic product appearance with the crank knob end poking through the body is derived from the crank handle closed position and its fold-out geometry. Quality of details and quality of fit and finish are extraordinary on this design. Made of die-cast aluminum, polycarbonate and rubber, this unit feels like a little machine.

  • Services
    Industrial Design, Packaging
  • Awards
    • Red Dot
      Red Dot - 2014
    • iF
      iF - 2014
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design
      Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - 2013
    • Spark
      Spark - Gold, 2013
    • IDEA
      IDEA - Bronze, 2013
    • Good Design Award
      Good Design Award - 2013
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