Eton FR and FRX Emergency Radios

A worldwide hit, and even on display at the Smithsonian, this radio series has become a Whipsaw design icon. We worked with Eton to design radios are for emergency or natural disaster applications where access to information and product reliability are critical. Each radio features hand-crank dynamos, solar panels, and includes weather and international multiband channels, a flashlight, siren, and a cell phone charger.

“Here is an amazing gadget to pamper the environmentalist, with useful functions in a single gadget, none of which needs a power supply for operation.”


The FRX Evolution

For our next iteration, we focused the design language around a power X-frame while maintaining access to all controls and retaining the original design ethos. Like its predecessor, the FRX radios continued its rubber over-molded housings, aluminum cranks, and high-output solar panels.

Awards & Recognitions

Red Dot Best of the Best, 2008IDEA Silver, 2008Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2008iF 2008Spark 2008Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2012Spark 2012International Design Awards Bronze, 2015