Eton Rukus Portable Speaker

Rukus is a solar powered Bluetooth stereo. It plays music that streams wirelessly from your phone, iPod, iPad, or PC, without needing wires or docks. Rukus is powered by the sun, with a 230mm wide solar panel, making it the most ecological product of its kind. Its form factor of a large solar panel flanked by two deep speaker chambers, with integrated handle and angled controls is a first too. We made Rukus bold, fun and iconic to express great sound, which it produces in great volume. Rukus is easy to use – just press one button to pair it with a Bluetooth music source and listen to your music, changing tracks with your phone or iPod. It comes in two models: with solar or without. Rukus was introduced at the 2012 CES and it instantly garnered attention and acclaim, winning “Best of Show” by Beatweek.

Awards & Recognitions

Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2013Spark Gold, 2012Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2012