Kaleidescape Cinema One

Cinema One is a movie server that stores up to 600 DVD or 100 Blu-ray movies and plays them in the highest audio and video quality possible – without previews, menus or ads. Browse your collection in a handsome interface or be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor, then download movies from the Kaleidescape Store. Whipsaw created this stunningly clean design, complete with packaging and select user interface. The front surface of Cinema One is a complex eight-layer film molded over clear plastic that allows the backlit gem logo and button icons to glow according to machine status and ambient lighting conditions. The overall Kaleidescape experience combines hardware, software and services into nothing less than cinematic brilliance.

  • Services
    Industrial Design, Packaging, User Interface
  • Awards
    • Red Dot
      Red Dot - 2014
    • Good Design Award Australia
      Good Design Award Australia - 2014
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design
      Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - 2014
    • CES Innovations
      CES Innovations - 2014
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