Leitz Icon Printer & Cartridges

The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System is a portable wireless label printer. Label printers were overdue for innovation as they are often too big, hard to load, and low tech. Our challenge was to completely redesign and engineer the label printer from scratch. We came up with a printer that features a distinctive profile, derived from a logical mechanical layout. The rear box holds the label cartridge, the middle bridge contains the print head, and the front overhang contains the label cutter. This dramatic overhang also serves as a perfect ergonomic handle and presents a strong branding element. Users simply refill by dropping label rolls into the top of the printer. Each roll is contained in a cartridge made of recycled thermo-formed paper pulp and a microchip in each cartridge communicates roll size to the printer and remaining label quantity to the user, making the system smart, automatic, and easy.

Each cartridge contains a 22-meter long adhesive label roll, offered in four widths. A core objective was to create an environmentally responsible solution, so the cartridges are made of recycled thermo-formed paper pulp. This robust natural material serves as both the cartridge body as well as its own protective shipping box. The green “visor”, made of recyclable plastic, is a multi-purpose paper handling detail. It hinges up during installation to provide the paper-to-print head interface, eliminating the need for manual paper feeding like other printers. A tiny NV RAM chip in this visor communicates roll size to the printer and the remaining label quantity to the user. Just drop it in, close the door, and print.

Awards & Recognitions

IDEA 2014Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2014Red Dot 2015Spark 2015iF 2015Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2015 (Packaging)Spark Platinum, 2016 (Packaging)