Livescribe Smart Pens

Livescribe approached Whipsaw to design a wirelessly connected pen used for simultaneous handwriting capture and audio recording for learning applications. This is made possible via a small camera located on the tip of the pen that records a microdot pattern on Livescribe “dot paper” while also recording ambient noise in the room. With this solution, users can go back to a note later, tap on it, and hear the audio recording from the exact time of writing the note.

Note-taking that Goes Way Beyond Pen and Paper

The Echo pen was the first product in the market to combine reading, writing, speaking, and listening in a simple pen and paper format. Students and professionals are empowered to read their notes and re-listen to a lecture or speech simultaneously. Echo’s learning and retention benefits are enhanced by Whipsaw’s design – it is easy to hold with sculptural ergonomic contouring, has a compact configuration, and has a flat detail to prevent rolling.

Refining  the Feel and Functionality

For the next iteration of the smartpen, Whipsaw made the Livescribe 3 more in the vernacular of a refined, classic pen. It features sleek forms, a diamond knurl pattern, chromed steel, and a polished barrel. Twisting the middle ring turns the pen on and exposes a ballpoint nib. A capacitive nub on the top is used as a touch screen stylus, underneath which is a charging port. A new Livescribe 3 app then gives users the ability to share digitized notes via email, SMS, AirDrop, Dropbox or Evernote.

“Livescribe’s beautiful new smartpen turns pen and paper into apps and pixels.”

– David Pierce, The Verge

Awards & Recognitions

Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2010Red Dot 2011Spark 2012D&AD Yellow Pencil 2012Red Dot 2014Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2014International Design Awards Gold, 2013