Miroculus Canvas Genomic Sequencing Platform

The Miroculus Canvas instrument offers researchers and scientists a consolidated, bench-top platform for whole-genome, targeted, or transcriptome sequencing. The miniaturized form factor is made possible by a proprietary electrode board that moves samples into testing zones, each carrying out a unique step in user-programmed tests. The instrument, coupled with customizable cassettes, gives users a simplified workflow that results in less time preparing samples, adjusting protocols, programming experiments, or managing consumable hardware components, leaving more time to focus on analyzing results and planning new experiments. 

This final product design and user interface workflow are approachable, clean, and as fresh as the internal technology. Only after understanding the unique user group, needs of entry-level and experienced geneticists, as well as the scientific requirements of the instrument were we able to accurately address the issues that existed with other sequencing instruments while creating a scalable platform for business growth and empowering findings that address clinical, agricultural, and biological challenges.

Simplified Experiment Design

We developed a straightforward, interactive user interface that gives scientist the ability to program experiments within a drag and drop workflow. Users can modify out-of-the-box protocols or create new ones from scratch without any coding.

“We had a great experience working with the team at Whipsaw. They helped us collect the voice of customers and were able to translate user needs into wonderful design specifications … they felt like an extension to our team.”

-Alejandro Tocigl, Miroculus CEO