TP-Link Mobile Hotspot M5350

The M5350 is a portable modem that creates an instant multi user Wi-Fi hotspot. The form is cute and tactilely inviting like a precious found object. Our intent was to relax both the technology and the product identity by softening it with an organic and emblematic appearance. Two flat sections on the top surface, containing a display and a switch, appear as if they were cleanly sliced and polished from a weathered pebble. A market hit in Asia since its introduction, the M5350 is already as plentiful on the market as stones are in a riverbed.

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    Industrial Design
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    • Red Dot
      Red Dot - 2013
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design
      Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - 2013
    • iF
      iF - 2012
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