Neato Vacuum Robots

Neato approached Whipsaw to design the D3 and D5 home vacuum cleaning robots as well as reimagine the Neato brand expression through its logo and online presence. Whipsaw strategically revamped the Neato line, including ID, branding, packaging, and UI for the app and website. These robots have several new features that make them the best in the market including improved laser-based mapping and navigation; a lower profile D-shaped housing that goes fully into corners; enlarged dirt bins for longer run time; and a sleek new charging base. The whole system including the branding elements is designed to be friendly, sophisticated, and trustworthy.

A Refined Purpose

To develop smart, capable robots that help people live better lives.

“Robots are finally entering the market after many decades of dreaming, and progressive companies like Neato and Whipsaw are determined to make a mark.”

– Dan Harden, Principal Designer

A New Identity for a Bright Future

We custom-created a new logo for Neato that shows its smarts. The logo features a uniform stroke weight and consistent geometry that celebrate the precision engineering that goes into the products while the rounded letter-forms provide a humanist quality that portrays Neato’s approachable personality. The color pallet and text style selection each work to augment these core brand principles.