Openpath Smart Door Reader App

Openpath is a smart security system for businesses and dwellings. It allows employees and tenants to use their own smartphone instead of key cards to instantly open doors. Business owners can manage access to each and every meeting room or secure the facility using OpenPath’s cloud based software and app. Whipsaw created the complete digital and physical experience including Interaction Design, ID and ME. With clever interaction design and clean visuals we created an experience that would make users feel excited to give up key cards without feeling like they were going to have to learn another app. To achieve this, we developed a simple user flow to reduce cognitive load on the user. The OpenPath app’s visual design is intentionally quiet and friendly for it to fit into a variety of work environments and not feel off-brand.

OpenPath Smart Door Reader Project

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Say goodbye to remembering keys, key cards, and key fobs. Your phone becomes your one key and is always by your side. 

Our team of interaction designers and visual designers collaborated to create an experience flow and visual design style that would provide users with confidence and reduce unnecessary clicks.  We were challenged to create an app that felt unique and simple while being versatile enough to be used in a variety of corporate environments without feeling off-brand. 

We worked closely with the OpenPath team to develop a flow and feel for the product on-boarding that would introduce users to this new system without making them feel like they were going to need to expend great amounts of mental energy to re-learn their office security systems.