Pacific Biosciences Sequel

Sequel is a human genome sequencing machine used to reveal human genetic disease, especially hidden heritable disease. It is also used in cancer research by understanding cancer’s complex genomic structure. Sequel characterizes viruses, microbes, and their communities, enhancing our view of the natural world to improve global health. Sequel offers real-time results and higher performance yet at a lower cost in half the size of previous models. Our ID is compact, professional looking, easy to operate, and very organized to enhance workflow. A unique counter balanced sliding access door never gets in the way of operation. Once the door is slid down, users have wide access to sample trays arranged neatly on a stainless steel platform. When closed, a robotic arm dispenses chemicals on the sample trays to commence the genomic analysis. An external display with an intuitive user interface, also designed by Whipsaw, provides clear information and control to the operator.

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    Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Interface
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    • Red Dot
      Red Dot - 2016
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