Tascent InSight One

InSight One is a security checkpoint iris and face scanner. It helps to speed queues, reduce stress, and improve passenger clearance accuracy. Users approach it and follow a simple user interface. Within seconds it scans passengers and displays a pass (✔) or no pass (✕) symbol. The ring light illuminates the face and iris evenly, and also lights up green or red. InSight One is more accurate than personnel because it eliminates subjectivity and human error. We gave it a clean international look that conveys trust, and engineered it for public abuse. It is elegant yet robust including die cast aluminum and safety glass parts, and a strong modular mounting system. Compact, superb biometric performance and a human-centric approach to design, InSight One is a game changer for the future of travel. Announced Jan 2017, Tascent is currently being deployed in airports around the world.

  • Services
    Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Interface
  • Awards
    • Red Dot
      Red Dot - 2017
    • IDEA
      IDEA - Silver, 2017
    • Good Design Award Australia
      Good Design Award Australia - 2017
    • Spark
      Spark - Silver, 2017
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