European Cultural Centre Features Whipsaw in 2021 Exhibition

May 17, 2021

The European Cultural Centre (ECC) selected Whipsaw to participate in its 2021 exhibition titled “Time Space Existence.” In keeping with this theme, Whipsaw will examine how several of our designs in the Health and Wellness, Home, and Efficiency sectors were valued throughout the pandemic.

We chose to feature a few of our projects that reflect how good design can improve the human condition in big and small ways. These include:

Tonal Strength Training System: The world’s most intelligent gym that helps you stay fit and connected, even when you need to stay home.

Koniku Konikore: A living breathing machine that uses neurons fused to a silicon chip to “smell” compounds in the air, including Covid-19.

Ceribell Electroencephalogram (EEG): A headband with remote Cloud monitoring that converts brain signals into sounds to immediately detect seizures in unconscious patients.

My Zone: A safety perimeter that instantly defines a personal space border and signals a request for distance.

Bear Robotics Astro: A food service robot that enables a safe and contact-free dining experience.


KODA: A consumer robot dog with decentralized AI that serves as a documentarian, assistant, guide dog, guard dog, and home companion. 


The Venice Biennale di Architettura traditionally revolves around architecture. This year, however, the ECC and Biennale foundations are making an effort to focus on design as a whole. Whipsaw was the only product design consultancy chosen for inclusion in the exhibition. Alongside a variety of displays by prestigious architects and artists from around the world, Whipsaw’s physical and virtual design exhibit will run from the 22nd of May through the 21st of November.

About the European Cultural Centre:
The European Cultural Centre provides a platform for a multitude of world changing intellectual and cultural art forms, including visual and performing arts, music, literature, architecture, and design. The ECC was founded by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer in 2002. It has since become a dynamic organization that generates cultural exchange and awareness through international art and architecture exhibitions, symposia, and a wide range of cultural projects.