Whipsaw Wins 5 IDEA Awards

September 16, 2020

Whipsaw is honored to have won five 2020 IDEA Awards, including a Gold in the Sports & Leisure category for our revolutionary design of the Tonal Strength Training System.

“Tonal represents a well-resolved integration of human factors requirements, a content experience, and substantial mechanical challenges into a home strength training solution that requires a very minimal footprint. This product is particularly resonant given that we are judging during a pandemic,” said IDEA 2020 Juror and SVP of Design at Fitbit Jonah Becker.

Whipsaw also took home two Silver awards—one for the elegant and approachable Cisco Meraki MV Security Camera Line, and another for the compact Google Trekker digital world mapping device. Two Bronze medals were awarded to Whipsaw’s sophisticated Glint Hero Lighting System that aims light anywhere without moving the fixture, and the Ceribell EEG, a lifesaving portable electroencephalogram in a headband form factor that converts brain waves into sound. 

IDEA, an initiative of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), has been the gold standard of design awards for 40 years. Design excellence is judged based on overall innovation, benefit to the user, benefit to the client, benefit to society, and appropriate aesthetics.

“We’re thrilled to win five IDEA awards, especially because IDEA is known for scrutinizing every single element of your design–making it hard to win but all the better when you do. Out of almost 2000 entries, only 124 awards were given, so to win 4% of the world total on the award’s 40th anniversary is a big honor. Kudos also go to our client partners for believing in our brand of innovation,” said Dan Harden, President/CEO and Principal Designer of Whipsaw.

This year’s IDEA jury was composed of designers, thought-leaders and visionaries who reviewed nearly 2,000 submissions from around the world across 19 categories. Winners were selected for their indelible contributions to society, the individual, and the field of design.

Five additional Whipsaw designs were also named as 2020 finalists: the Uber Beacon, the Ventir backpack, the Koniku Kore Bioelectric Sensor, and Bizzy & Martian Home Robots.


Our Awarded Designs

Tonal Strength Training System - Whipsaw Industrial Design and Engineering

Tonal Strength Training System

A complete gym workout device that can be mounted on any wall in your home, Tonal combines sleek hardware with on-demand coaching, digitally-controlled UX, and is powered by an electromagnetic resistance engine instead of heavy metal weights.

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Google Trekker

A backpack device that provides topographical data and high-res photo content for the Google Earth and Maps platforms. It documents our planet where cars can’t go.

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Cisco Meraki MV Camera Line

Indoor/outdoor security cameras for use in schools, public, retail, and industrial spaces that provide essential real-time data and analytics.

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Glint Hero Lighting System

Aim light anywhere without moving the fixture itself by using an end joystick that moves 10 reflector cones above 10 fixed LEDs.

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Ceribell Mobile EEG (Electroencephalography)

A headband and controller that instantly diagnoses brain seizures, replacing conventional EEG machines, which are stationary, slow and expensive.

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