Fluidigm Biomark™X PCR Instrument

Biomark™X is a bioscience instrument that performs real-time PCR, a process that detects DNA and RNA targets such as COVID.  It is also used for gene expression, genotyping, and pathogen detection.

Whipsaw’s industrial design, digital design, and engineering efforts focused on optimizing workflow efficiency, integrating components into a compact all-in-one form factor, and providing a multi-level intuitive interaction model – all wrapped up in an attractive package.  The prominent interaction screen features a clear and beautiful user interface that provides instant walk-up usability with minimal training and at-a-glance monitoring of work in progress. We also developed a unique slide-pivot sample loading mechanism that provides easy access during frequent loading. Finally, our aesthetic direction for both the hardware and software feature deep hues, textures, and organic forms that invoke the machine’s biological nature.


Seamless, minimal, mechanical interactions

When opened, the door slides down and out of the way to present unobscured access to the shuttle for loading chip cartridges. The door mechanism is spring-loaded, so as the shuttle retracts back into the instrument, the door follows the movement and slides quietly closed.

A defining appearance

The repetition and precision of the exterior machine form and texture achieve three primary goals. They reinforce the corporate brand language, represent how these machines operate and define a scalable design language for other products.


Easier to learn and operate daily

The streamlined touch-screen experience welcomes scientists and promotes efficient operation with large touch targets and intuitive tap and swipe interactions. Every screen is distilled to only contain the necessary information for users and presents primary user flows with intuitive guidance.

Scalable UI framework

We developed a unique design system for the Biomark™X software that reflects Fluidigm’s bold personality, differentiates itself from the norm of scientific equipment, closely aligns with the hardware aesthetic, and is a foundation for future scaling.



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Industrial Design

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Digital Design

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Enclosure, mechanism and hardware engineeringEngineering and optimization of physical user experiencesCore engineering concept development

Awards & Recognitions

IDEA Bronze, 2022Spark Shortlist, 2022ISBER Outstanding New Product 2022