Bobrick Privada Partitions

Privada is a high-end bathroom partitioning system for office and commercial use. Our goal was to infuse elegant design and clever thinking into this unsung institutional category. Privada’s appearance features flush gap-free panels, no visible fasteners, and striking finish options. Instead of the conventional frame and leg construction that is hard to install plumb and tough to clean, Privada panels are attached to unique telescoping leg posts that compensate for uneven floors. The leg is bolted to the floor from the inside of the post with no external hardware therefore it is totally cleanable. When the door handle is in the closed position it is horizontal so it doubles as a bag hook. All materials were chosen for longevity and sustainability; panels use mostly recycled content and hardware is stainless steel. Privada is a new line for Bobrick. It has quickly given them brand and market leadership while setting a new standard of design excellence for this industry.

Awards & Recognitions

IDEA Silver, 2017Spark 2017