Dropcam Cameras

Dropcam approached Whipsaw to design and engineer their first consumer camera product to give users access to live and recorded video streams of their home or place of work directly from the cloud, a radical innovation for 2012.

First came Dropcam HD, a camera that sits on a table or is mounted to a wall and can be pointed anywhere, at any subject, with its unique three-axis tilt/swivel/camera rotation feature. The camera contains twelve infrared led illuminators around the lens that provide night vision. The camera can snap out of its housing to give users even more freedom as to how to use it.

For the second iteration, Whipsaw designed the Dropcam Pro that features improved resolution, easier setup, and better night vision. Pro has been singled out as one of the best smart home products of the time, noted for its ease of use, functionality, and attractive design. Dropcam created a niche in personal monitoring cameras and ushered in a wave of other products in the connected home ecosystem.

Dropcam was acquired by Google in 2014.

Awards & Recognitions

iF 2014 (Pro)International Design Awards 2013 (Pro)Good Design Award Australia 2014 (Pro)Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2014 (Pro)Spark Gold, 2012 (HD)Red Dot 2012 (HD)Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2012