Empatica EmbracePlus

EmbracePlus is the world’s most powerful, compact, and versatile health smartwatch. It is used to monitor a broad range of physiological data and detect many ailments, such as epileptic seizures, chronic stress, and respiratory infections caused by COVID-19. Healthcare professionals can use it to remotely and continuously monitor their patient’s particular health conditions. Researchers can use it to collect physiological data during clinical trials. Considering its multipurpose usage and wide target user group, we created a universally appealing form, material, and color composition for this product design. We also wanted to avoid the stigma of a healthcare device, so we made it as elegant as a fashionable watch. NASA intends to use EmbracePlus to monitor astronaut health on their first manned mission to Mars, which would be Whipsaw’s first extraterrestrial design!

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    Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Product Development, User Experience, User Interface
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    • IDEA
      IDEA - 2021, Finalist
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