Bear Robotics Servi Food Service Robot

The Bear Robotics “Servi” food service robot seamlessly integrates with restaurant workflows by both delivering food to tables and clearing the tables at the end of a meal. As soon as guests arrive, Servi greets patrons with a warm voice and pleasing gestures. Customers then place their order through Servi, who relays the order directly to the kitchen. Once the order is ready, Servi is loaded up on one of her two top platforms to deliver food to the table. Servi navigates to the selected table, carefully avoiding people and obstacles along the way. At the end of the meal, Servi returns to the table for diners to place dishes in her bottom bin.

Whipsaw considered every type of restaurant environment while developing Servi’s custom design—from cramped and crowded rooms to gleaming banquet halls with spotless interiors—and made her as safe, quiet, and washable as possible. We also packed a ton of technology into her small footprint so she never gets in the way.

Servi is currently used in several US restaurants, and guests have already begun raving about her fun, interactive nature and efficient design.

Awards & Recognitions

International Design Awards Gold, 2020