Martian Home Cleaning Robot

Soon, tedious tasks like cleaning bathrooms and kitchens will be done by service robots such as “Martian”. Martian is a one-arm cleaning robot that can reach high and low to clean showers, tubs, sinks, floors and countertops. Unique tool ends or “hands” can be swapped out instantly for specific cleaning needs such as a toilet. Cleaning fluids are stored on its base for easy robot arm access. Three omni wheels, that can also turn sideways, allows Martian to maneuver within a tiny space. Its slender form helps with camera and LIDAR positioning requirements.

We chose to give Martian a sleek utilitarian look considering its purpose, but we also wanted to give it a personality like an at-your-service butler. Martian was an advanced study for SRI (Stanford Research Center) and Martian Robots to discover how these near-future robots should be designed.

Awards & Recognitions

IDEA Silver, 2021International Design Awards Gold, 2021Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2021