HUBB Lifetime Oil Filter

HUBB is an oil filter for use on any car or truck. This all stainless steel filter captures five times more contaminants and drastically reduces oil flow back pressure, which increases fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Conventional oil filters use paper pulp filters that clog quickly, becoming useless and putting a drag on the engine. Furthermore, 400 million oil filters in the USA alone are thrown away annually, causing a major waste problem. It was time for this old technology to be completely re-thought. HUBB uses a primary and secondary filter to greatly increase the filter area in order to improve efficacy. The filters are a unique micro-woven 316L surgical stainless steel mesh. The mesh porosity is sized perfectly to capture debris in the oil but allow for easy flow, unlike paper pulp which has uncontrolled porosity. Every 10,000 miles HUBB is removed, disassembled, bathed in biodegradable soap, then put back in the car. HUBB has a 50 year lifespan.

Awards & Recognitions

IDEA Gold, 2016Chicago Athenaeum Good Design GREEN Design, 2016Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2015International Design Awards Silver, 2015Spark Spark!, 2015