Skrolla Lounge Chair

Introducing Skrolla, a residential lounge chair from designer Dan Harden. Skrolla is a Whipsaw-owned original brand, and is sold exclusively on  A lounge chair is the quintessential design problem and Dan has always wanted to design one. Over the last 100 years, many have been released, but they are often bulky, heavy, and complex to manufacture with many parts. Skrolla is unique. It is comprised of only 6 parts and features a single scroll form that is both the seat and arms. The legs go through the seat of the scroll and secure to the underside of the arms, which makes each leg very secure without the need for crossbar supports. The larger leg diameter below the seat carries all the weight and the curved backrest is mortised into the back legs. No other chair in history is constructed like this. Skrolla is hand-made in Oakland, CA, and comes in walnut, teak, white ash, and black ash.

“My primary goal was to create an object of beauty. To me, that also meant it had to be comfortable and clever, otherwise, the beauty would be hollow. I like when a design is completely self-explanatory, where every detail contributes to the whole and nothing is extraneous. Skrolla is an example of that, and it reveals itself from every angle. The dramatic back view is my favorite with the backrest swooping down and into the big round seat. The chair’s fluid form and warm materials make one feel very relaxed and welcome, which is after all the purpose of a lounge chair."

Awards & Recognitions

Core77 Honorable Mention, 2022Good Design Award Australia 2022IDEA Bronze, 2022