Aristocrat MarsX Gaming Machine

MarsX is the latest gaming machine we designed for Aristocrat and it is very different than any other machine to date. MarsX is packed with emotion, expressed through its bold lighting and avant-garde form.  We wanted this machine to be active, dynamic, and light-on-its-feet to match one’s juiced up mood in a casino. We were inspired by trends in architecture and technology, including minimalism, functional honesty, and conservation of materials. The result is a new appearance vernacular for this category that is fresh, light and modern. Side pods contain a printer and bill acceptor; a thin jutting keyboard greets players; generous vivid lighting conveys play state; and floating displays project out towards the player – all of which communicate a dynamic, fun and lively experience. The modular construction is innovative, as it accepts many different types and sizes of straight or curved displays. Since its launch, MarsX has established itself as a market leader, currently selling more than three times the volume of all competition.