Medostic Intravenous Nutrition System

Medostic is an intravenous nutrition delivery and management system. It is used to speed the healing process for ICU patients that are recovering from surgery or a critical condition with precision nutrition delivery. The Medostic system measures blood nutrient levels and automatically adjusts the glucose, lactate, and other metabolite levels to their optimal amount and ratio.

The moving graphical ring on the display provides everything a medical professional needs to know at a glance, including levels over a designated time period or whether a patient is receiving too much or too little nutrition. The ring rotates to display the time, and the undulating lobe heights and colors display the nutrient levels. The graphic is always in motion, like the nutrition in our blood stream. When nutrition levels are ideal, the ring moves slowly with low peaks and valleys, but it changes from blue to red when levels are not in the safe zone.

Medostic is currently working with the FDA to bring this device to hospitals. This revolutionary precision nutritive support system helps patients heal faster and significantly streamlines care procedures.

The monitoring process currently used in hospitals involves repetitive blood tests that require significant time and mental energy from medical professionals. The Medostic system eliminates the need for hands-on blood tests and allows hospital staff to monitor a patient’s lactate and glucose levels from afar, intervening only if the system has not adapted automatically.

We developed the Medostic brand language to clearly communicate in cluttered and high-stress hospital environments. The interface features a colored circle that changes from blue to red if nutrition levels are not in the safe zone. Medostic was designed to be seen from across the room. Similarly, the branding on the IV bags was applied to transparently communicate the formulation being used in the system.