Merck Millipore Muse Cell Analyzer

Muse is an automated human cell analyzer, used in medical labs to help diagnosis disease and conduct research. It quickly identifies cell type, quantity, density, and life state. Our challenge was to incorporate MM’s technology into an easy to use, small, beautiful machine. Muse is the smallest machine of its kind, and also the simplest to use. A cell sample is placed in the loading arm and raised into the machine which initiates the testing sequence. All controls are on the 7″ touchscreen. We assigned all user access to the front and top so Muse can be sandwiched between other equipment in a crowded lab. We gave Muse a flowing wrap form to coadunate the design, and a fresh lime color to liven up the lab. Our engineering provided a compact configuration and a slick dual action loading mechanism which lifts and withdraws the sample simultaneously into the machine.

Awards & Recognitions

Red Dot 2012Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2012