MXXY Flexx™ Hydration System

MXXY Flexx™ is a compact and intuitive hydration system that gives users the ability to blend hydration fluids while on the go. The backpack-worn system presents users with a novel valve mechanism design and dual-reservoir that is easy to fill and clean. The adjustable dial controls flow from both reservoirs so users can fine-tune their hydration based on changing conditions or exertion levels. The design challenge of this second-generation system was to evolve the MXXY brand identity, reduce overall size, and create a unified adjustment and fluid valve system for an improved experience. Flexx is the culmination of years of partnership with the MXXY team to bring this product from ideation through manufacturing. 

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All-in-one control

By combining the mixing valve and dial actuator into one, and positioning the fluid blending much closer to the user’s mouth, this second-generation design is a more compact and intuitive design with greatly improved usability. This approach also reduces part count, assembly complexity, size, and weight.

Blending outdoor gear with high-tech design

This second-generation hydration system leans into its technical and precise DNA with its feature set and brand expression across materials, colors, and finishes.

A vertical attachment approach saves space

A thinner, streamlined bladder system fits better into low-profile backpacks, making it easier to use and more appropriate for athletes. We also prioritized ease of cleaning with a design that allows for turning the bladder inside out to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Industrial Design

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