Nod Labs Nod Wearable Gesture Controller

Nod is a wireless controller for manipulating content on one’s TV, computer, smart phone, or Google Glass. Simply wear Nod on your finger like a ring and gesture naturally to operate devices around you. Point, wave and twist your hand in the air to control your TV or computer; glide across Nod’s gestural keyboard to type; rotate your hand to adjust temperature on your thermostat, etc. In addition to motion, it has a touchpad on its top, flanked by four switches.

Nod comes in 12 sizes (4 housing sizes plus 3 stainless steel ring inserts). Curvy forms give Nod its jewelry-like appeal, but those undulating curves also function to secure Nod comfortably between the fingers. Nod’s construction is innovative too. A single S-shaped flex circuit wraps around the ring and the battery, making an efficient package. We made the recharger look appropriately like a precious ring case. Tiny, fine, and highly functional, Nod is a miniature wonder that feels utterly futuristic.

Awards & Recognitions

International Design Awards Silver, 2014Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2014