Omnicell Syringe Dispenser

The Omnicell automatic syringe dispenser is used in hospital settings to securely and quickly dispense preloaded syringes. It allows hospitals to carefully control the distribution and inventory of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, including narcotics which require strict monitoring. Our task was to invent, design and engineer a dispensing system that was absolutely fail-proof, operated quickly for urgent care, and dispensed one approved syringe at a time.

We devised a four-auger motor drive system in a compact box that holds up to 26 syringes. Several of these dispenser boxes can be placed in a large drug cabinet. The four helical augers turn in unison, but the syringe cavities are oriented in a rotational sequence so that only one syringe drops at a time. This mechanical choreography is what provides fast, reliable, and safe dispensing. 

Awards & Recognitions

IDEA Finalist, 2021Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2021Spark 2021International Design Awards Bronze, 2021