Optovue Retina Scanners

RTVue and iVue are imaging devices used by doctors to examine the retina. They are used to diagnose retina conditions and diseases such as glaucoma, macular hole degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. They use OCT technology (interferometric infra- red light) to create microscopic hi-resolution cross sections of the retina, down to 5 micron resolution. Optovue scans safely, instantly, and painlessly. We made these units attractive and un-intimidating to please nervous patients but also very quick and easy to use for the doctor. RTVue’s top adjusts in every axis to fit every patient – one joystick simultaneously controls all of these motions. iVue is the portable model, giving doctors more freedom to visit disabled patients in clinics.

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    • Red Dot
      Red Dot - 2006
    • Good Design Award
      Good Design Award - 2006
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design
      Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - 2006
    • Medical Design Excellence Award
      Medical Design Excellence Award - Gold, 2007
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