Cisco Routers

In 2008 these routers ushered in a new brand identity for Cisco/Linksys. Mobile magazine said it best: “If most routers look like Volvos, the new routers from Linksys look like Ferrari’s”. Instead of the typical external stick antennas, we embedded the antennas in a wing that runs around the perimeter of the product. These wing antennas not only improved signal performance but gave the routers a hot new look for a wireless product. “This product family represents a new focus on creating products with the consumer in mind, and it showcases how Linksys is taking Wireless-N to new levels of design, performance, and ease of use” said Greg Memo, VP, Linksys. Sold worldwide in very high volume.

Awards & Recognitions

iF China, 2008Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2010