Kabata Smart Weights

Kabata smart weights are an automated adjustable-weight dumbbell set for strength training. With the turn of a knob, weights instantly adjust from 5 and 60 pounds. A hidden camshaft mechanism under the weight plates locks or unlocks the plates together to assemble the desired total weight in 5-pound increments. Kabata weight handles have integrated sensors to detect movement, acceleration, angular velocity, and position to optimize workouts. They also contain haptic drivers that vibrate to correct physical form and to motivate your workout.

The full Kabata system of connected weights and mobile app incorporate data analytics and predictive AI to automatically adjust weights for you in tailored workout programs. The Kabata app pulls data from the weights to your smartphone so you can use the automatic weight adjustment feature, access training programs, monitor key performance metrics, and share your workout with your community. This sleek system is a great example of how Whipsaw likes to modernize a conventional product category, transforming it into an exciting and purposeful product experience.

“Kabata’s dumbbells combine the best of AI and robotics technology with comprehensive strength training and data-driven coaching to deliver a fitness experience that is unrivalled by anything in the marketplace today.”

Premium Finishes and Seamlessly Integrated Tech

Kabata smart weights bring premium materials, finishes, and technology to an adjustable weight training system. The weights are precisely engineered and constructed for a quality feel that is especially experienced when adjusting weight and hearing the plates lock in place. The no-slip knurled handle with integrated haptic feedback and sensors deliver a premium experience.

On-the-fly adjustments

We invented a way to instantly lock/unlock weight plates, using a motor-driven camshaft and wedge lock, all hidden in the base. This innovation enables the design simplicity, silky-smooth and rapid transition between plates.

Gamification with connected weights

Smart weights connect to the Kabata app via Bluetooth, enabling two-way communication of data from the weights to a smartphone for automated weight adjustments and interactive features. Users can access custom training programs, monitor key performance metrics, engage in challenges, and share their workout performance.


Awards & Recognitions

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