Roku SoundBridge

The SoundBridge radios play music anywhere in the house, acting as a bridge between your computer’s music library and your stereo. The above unit is an extruded aluminum tube with plastic end caps, under which the cables are hidden. The display angle is adjusted simply by rolling the tube on its rubber base. The below SoundBridge was the world’s first internet music player. “SoundBridge is the most elegant and advanced digital media hub we’ve tested yet” said Bill Howard of PC Magazine.

Awards & Recognitions

IDSA Northwest Design Invitational Gold, 2006iF 2007 (SoundBridge)iF 2007 (SoundBridge Radio)iF China, 2007 (SoundBridge)iF China, 2007 (SoundBridge Radio)CES Innovations 2006 (SoundBridge)CES Innovations 2006 (SoundBridge Radio)