Tile Bluetooth Trackers

Mate, Sticker, Slim, Pro, and Ultra are the new Tile trackers designed to instantly find your lost items. Each one offers a greatly increased finding range up to 400 feet, louder ring, and voice-enabled finding through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We designed these trackers in several form factors with optional attachment methods in order to fit every use case, whether attached to a key chain, in a wallet, or directly adhered to your favorite items. There are many design improvements from our previous 2018 line, including smaller dimensions, lighter weight, and softer forms that feel great in the hand. Tile continues to see significant growth, which is a testament to its wide appeal and commitment to good design. Tile was recently awarded #5 on Fast Company‘s list of Most Innovative Companies 2021. 


Awards & Recognitions

International Design Awards Bronze, 2021Red Dot 2022