Uber Driver Beacon

Beacon is a dashboard-mounted visual communication device that helps drivers and riders find each other, a common rideshare complaint. Beacon is clear, bright, and carries the new Uber brand language.

Its unmistakable U-shaped light makes car recognition instant, even in bad weather. Beacon‘s custom color is controlled via the app, or it can flash for those who are color-blind. The light wraps around the sides for good visibility at any angle. The back of Beacon that faces the interior of the car has a bold LED matrix display to give rider updates and safety tips such as “wear your seatbelt,” “exit curbside,” and “watch for cyclists.” This interior display is a welcome new communication modality for drivers and riders.

Functionally, Beacon features a quick-release magnetic mount for easy removal. Beacon’s internal hardware also contains new sensor technologies that provide more precise pick-up and drop-off locations. Beacon is rolling out in cities across the US and is already proving to be an effective tool to enhance the rideshare experience.

Rider Reminders

Beacon reminds riders to wear their seat belt, close car doors gently, and exit curbside, so drivers don’t have to.

Smoother Pickups

Color-matching in the rider app, lets riders know to look for the color of a driver’s beacon.

Awards & Recognitions

International Design Awards Silver, 2020IDEA Silver, 2021