Highfive Video Conferencing

The Highfive video conferencing system is positioned perfectly between low-end video services and high-end Telepresence systems. Highfive automatically recognizes users when they walk into the room and an app controls it from any smart phone. Simple, fast and intuitive, it sets the new standard of usability for this product category, plus it’s economical enough to be deployed in every conference room. The device integrates a camera, twin mic arrays (in slits), and all electronics into one sleek machined aluminum bar that sits atop a conference room TV. A flexible mount under the camera box allows users to mount it to any TV or just rest it below the TV on a table. Our dramatic geometric design makes a statement on its own but merges in nicely when placed on a TV. As Ben Popper of the The Verge said, “Using the device felt like breaking into the near future”.

Awards & Recognitions

Good Design Award 2014Good Design Award Australia 2015Red Dot 2015iF 2015International Design Awards Silver, 2014IDEA Bronze, 2014Spark Bronze, 2014Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2014